[Squeak-ja: 4742] 第83回Smalltalk勉強会のお知らせ

Kazuhiro ABE abee @ squeakland.jp
2015年 12月 2日 (水) 14:10:55 JST


VPRI, CDG SAP Labsの大島芳樹さんが来日されるのに際して、急遽、Smalltalk勉強会を開催します。

日時: 2015/12/4(金) 19:30-21:00 (1時間30分)
場所: 青山学院大学 青山キャンパス 総研ビル(14号館) 6階14602教室


A Module System for a General-Purpose Blocks Language
Yoshiki Ohshima, Jens Mönig, John Maloney

Our team is developing GP, a new blocks language that aims to be
beginner-friendly, like Scratch, yet capable of scaling up to support
larger applications. We hope to allow a worldwide community of users
to share projects, sprites, and code libraries and to create new ones
using a mash-up development style. To support such easy sharing and
reuse, GP incorporates a strong notion of modularity. Modularity
allows components created by different users at different times to
interoperate without worrying about conflicts. However, we do not want
modularity to add to the burden of the beginning programmer; we’d like
GP’s module features to stay out of the way until they are needed. In
this paper, we present the key ideas around the GP module system. A
module in GP is a unit of encapsulated code and data. It exports a
selected set of classes, functions, and variables, provides a
namespace for the code inside, and may include private helper classes,
functions, and variables. A module can also extend system classes with
additional methods. Such extensions can be used freely within the
module but are not visible outside it. Modules can be saved and
re-loaded, allowing modules to store user-created projects, sprites,
and code libraries.


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