[Squeak-ja: 4432] The Japanese version of ESUG flyer update to Rev.82

Takeshi MUTOH mutoh @ openedu.org
2010年 2月 17日 (水) 17:16:58 JST



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Hi, folks!!

Now, I update the Japanese version of ESUG flyer to English version
Rev.82 for the event named OSC 2010/Tokyo Spring.
- (In Japanese) http://www.ospn.jp/osc2010-spring/ 

Umezawa-san will open a booth as Smalltalk-users.jp.
Now, SML ML and Squeak-ja ML check my translation.

It's at here:
- http://squeak.610t.org/ESUGflyer/flyer-Rev82.pdf

In Japanese version, I add some Japanese contents like some books, and
some links. Is it Ok?

Yoshiki-san give me some comment below, but almost of all are good
comment for the English version of ESUG flyer.
  - Is it correct to say the "creation" of Smalltalk is in "the early
  - It reads a bit awkward to name applications made about 10 to 5
    years ago and say they are "current applications" and "advancing
    the state of software".
  - Sophie went on to Java, and Scratch is going on to
    ActionScript/Flash.  It would be better to mention Teleplace but
    remove OpenCroquet.
  - It would be good to mention Jun.

  - The description of the "Image" uses two "contains" and confusing a
    bit; it is not clear that image "is" the environment and consists
    of these things.
  - "debugging while it is executing" should not a part of the description
    of the "Image".
  - Saying that a virtual machine is "a program which (?) ... executes
    other programs" is a bit too vague.  I think that the description
    for the virtual machine should go the along the line of "a virtual
    machine is a machine, but happened to be done in software", and
    not limited to executing programs but accessing other virtual
    hardware components.
  - Since there are languages with the type inference, "the developer ...
    indicate the type is not a good explanation of static typing.  And
    whether code is reusable or not is a big problem; explaining it
    only from the static/dynamic typing POV seems over controversial.

  - In "Events", perhaps the Smalltalks event in Argentina may be a
    good addition.

  - On the back side, "Reserved characters" look odd.  Rather it is
    part of syntax?

How about update the English version of ESUG flyer?

Thanks in advance.
	Takeshi MUTOH <mutoh @ openedu.org>

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